Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My New YA Sci-Fi Novel

I've been remiss in keeping this blog up to date, but there are several reasons for that:

1) I got laid off in June, and have been focused on trying to find a job.
2) I've been taking classes at Georgia Perimeter College to get my prerequisites out of the way for my (planned) transfer to GA Tech.
3) Most importantly, I finished my novel, The Oracle Paradox, and sent it to an editor at Penguin Books, and started a new book, a YA sci-fi novel.

I'd been planning on writing a YA book for about a year, and to that end I read all the Harry Potter books, the Hunger Games trilogy, the Percy Jackson series and even the Twilight books. I feel like I got a pretty good look at what makes a YA book successful with those works. I also quizzed the kids of friends of mine (they're all readers) to get some idea about what draws them in and makes them want to keep reading. Of course, I realize that I need to write my book so it appeals to grown-up editors, too, but that's a completely different challenge.

I had in mind a different book than the one I am working on now, a fantasy along the lines of what I imagined Michael Moorcock might write if he were writing for the YA market. However, I had been having trouble with that particular idea, and it was languishing. So, I decided to try something else. A sudden inspiration to combine elements for a comic book idea I had been developing with elements from a science fiction story I was writing presented me with what I think is an awesome idea for a YA sci-fi series.

I started writing it in July and am now eleven chapters in, having passed the 35,000 word mark. It is going well, although of course it will require a solid rewrite, but I am not going to worry about that now. I plan to press through and crank out a first draft without looking back. I think it will be complete and ready to submit to agents or publishers by the end of the year!

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