Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ebook Sales Top Paperback Sales

This is one of the reasons I've decided to publish my book solely as ebooks!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My process for transitioning to ebook publishing: Helpful Guides

THE NEWBIE'S GUIDE TO PUBLISHING is the first book I got to help me decide whether or not to transition to ebook publishing of my own stuff. Packed full of information by its author, J.A. Konrath, himself a successful author both in print and in ebooks.

FORMAT YOUR EBOOK FOR KINDLE IN ONE HOUR has very practical, useful information for doing just that.

BECOMING AN INDIE AUTHOR is a well-written book by another successful ebook author, Zoe Winters. Goes beyond ebooks to print-on-demand, which is something I'm less interested in, but nice to have the info available.

Using for my X-Files parody ebook cover design.

If this works, I will use for my other ebooks, too. I have 3 more right away, and another probably by the end of the year. Design Contest for THE Z-FILES! AN X-FILES PARODY.