Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Trying to Stay FOCUSED

One of the hardest things for me to when it comes to writing lately is to stay focused. Part of the problem is that I have trouble believing that what I am writing will find a paying outlet. Not that this is my primary reason for writing, but I have to put a certain amount of effort into things I know for sure will bring in money so I can pay my bills. Unfortunately, when I do creative writing I am essentially taking a big risk that, in all likelihood, at least according to past performance, I will not make any money on whatever it is I am writing. This has the effect of causing me to procrastinate, to start more projects than I finish, to work on something for only a few minutes at a time rather than hours, and to just go for days at a time without working on anything creative.

As it is now, I am trying to write to pieces of fiction: a story called "Love and Death in the Time of Thunder," which is a story I think it really cool and could lead into a whole series, and what started out as a story that may wind up as a novella or even a novel, which I am tenatively calling "Imeweus" for "I, Me, We, Us." This is a story that may get more philosophical and deep than much of what I've written in the past, so I am keen on continuing it. I am trying to stay focused!

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